Bringing up the name of Italy abroad means enhancing what we own or what we do well: from the beauty of our cultural and natural heritage, to fashion, design, cinema and much more.
Also, our food and wine tradition is something to defend and promote, and together with it the skills and knowledge of our world-famous chefs.
This is why Salvatore Aprea has decided to join the team of the Ambassadors of Taste: a non-profit association founded the 20th June 2016, thanks to the support of the first 44 founding members, which today includes cooks, restaurateurs, pizza makers, sommeliers, dining room staff, pastry chefs and ice cream makers. In short, all representatives of the vast gastronomic heritage of the country that, through their craft, have distinguished themselves in its enhancement.
On March 6, 7 and 8, the Ambassadors of Taste met in Trentino for the 2023 national congress, during which the presentation of the new members took place. In the town of Cavalese, near Trento, there have been a series of events, including an important conference on how the food sector could evolve in the upcoming years. Many issues have emerged, from sustainability to pollution, from the responsible use of raw materials, to the importance of reducing waste. The convention saw the participation of journalists of the field and not, while politics has been represented by the ministers of agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida and of tourism Daniela Santanchè. At the end, a wonderful gala dinner delighted the guests.
Curious to find out what moves a chef to engage in such an ambitious but also challenging project, Salvatore replied as follows: “I made the request to join the group, motivated by the awareness of sharing the same goals of the other members. In fact, I also, through my work, try to promote the Made in Italy every day, in full respect of our traditions and raw materials. We are tired of seeing our food and wine products imitated and demeaned abroad; this happens because, unlike other countries like France, in Italy there is still a lot of work to do on these issues. The group of Ambassadors of Taste is committed to promoting Italian excellences, knowing that the union makes the strength and allows to make its voice heard to the world of politics, that should protect our culinary heritage through more careful laws”.
Another very important part of the work of the Ambassadors of Taste is investing in training, in the awareness that to create conscious men we must educate the children first. Many activities are organized in collaboration with cooking schools, events and educational opportunities.
Becoming Ambassadors of Taste means, in short, taking on precise responsibilities and Salvatore knows it well: “I will do my best to bring up the name of the Made in Italy, even here in Capri, which has always been a destination for international tourism and it is a very important showcase. To achieve these goals, I will work as I have always done, choosing sustainable products, reducing waste as much as possible and networking with other Ambassadors”.