The wine cellar of Da Tonino restaurant is not just an extension of the kitchen; it is an integral part of chef Salvatore Aprea’s vision. With its extensive selection of fine wines, meticulously chosen to complement each dish on the menu, it offers customers a unique culinary experience.

Great Wines in Capri

The wine cellar of Da Tonino restaurant was established a few years after its opening in 1995, conceived by Salvatore’s father, Antonino, and his brother Gennaro. The project developed gradually with an innovative concept of a wine cellar that aimed to go beyond the island’s borders. In the 1990s, creating a wine cellar with significant Tuscan and Piedmontese wines, not just whites but also great reds, was not a given in Capri. To pursue this dream, the right entrepreneurial spirit, which characterizes the Aprea family, was essential.

Research and Commitment

Antonino and Gennaro continued their hard work and wise label selections until 2005, when the restaurant was leased to third parties. The wine cellar was closed and only reopened in 2013 when the restaurant returned to the Aprea family’s management. From there, Gennaro resumed his research work: times had changed, and the wine world had evolved, making room for many small companies, excellent entities waiting to be recognized.

Exclusive Tastings

From 2013 to today, the wine cellar has started to shine anew: grand verticals, historic vintages, biodynamic and natural wines, champagne, products from micro-wineries both Italian and foreign, rum, whisky, and all kinds of spirits… This excellent selection results from almost 30 years of continuous research, balancing the awareness of extensive experience with the ever-curious and attentive eye of those who pursue this work with great passion and professionalism.