Capri … reina de roca “-” Capri … Queen of rock”

With these words Pablo Neruda begins his lyric dedicated to the Blue Island and on this rock Antonino Aprea, old school chef, in the 90s decided to open his restaurant, which immediately became a meeting point for food & wine enthusiasts.

Da Tonino restaurant was born on March 19, 1993 in the “Piano delle Noci” area about 900 meters from the famous square, a walk that will make you experience and breathe a different Capri, made up of little things, unexpected views, scents and colors that  they will guide you on your journey to reach us;  the decision to move away from the center was dictated by the desire to create an oasis of peace outside the usual island routes to immediately focus on the quality of raw materials, attention to detail and service to make every experience of the  customer.

Antonino chooses to enhance the gastronomy of the Campania and island tradition, dedicating himself to “earth” products such as rabbits and quail, which have always been on the menus and firmly linked to the island’s history, and to create his own recognizable “signature”. Today, after almost 30 years, the restaurant has passed into the hands of the children.

Gennaro keeps the treasures jealously preserved in the family cellar dug into the rock and Salvatore, the younger of the two, takes care of the kitchen respecting the products, the seasons and the traditions of the place which, with technique and continuous research, reinterprets in a modern key. Today, the restaurant’s proposal, while maintaining its territorial roots, is different from the beginnings.  The products from the family garden accompany the creation of the menus, everything is homemade from bread to pasta up to the desserts with impactful combinations that intrigue the patrons who return, year after year, to discover the news. Vegetarian and celiac proposals are inevitable in the menus, to always try to be sensitive to the needs of our customers.


Via Dentecala, 14, 80073 Capri NA


Monday closed

12.00-14.30 lunch
19.00-22.30 dinner
Opening at the end of March