What is the “Capri philosophy?”

It is an attitude, a way of being; a point of view on the world, a way of life; and it is also a way of eating. Bringing the philosophy of Capri outside the island’s borders means knowing this millennial culture well, and also being able to translate it into a language that can be understood by those who, perhaps, know Capri only from an image on a postcard. This is what chef Salvatore Aprea does when he brings its flavors and tradition outside the island. As was the case in his participation in the “Autumnus” festival, an initiative curated by the Pro Loco of Trento, which aims to enhance and promote the food and wine excellence of the area.

A true kermesse in which hundreds of Trentino companies gather in the city center to offer tastings, insights, workshops, show cooking and much more.

Bringing the essence of an island to a territory so distant not only in latitude, but also in conformation, could appear to the outside world as a real challenge; but an expert chef like Salvatore knows how to make different ingredients harmonize in order to obtain a unique result that can be familiar even to gastronomic cultures far apart.

Capri’s “philosophy” is thus grafted into Trento in a dish made using local products: a Garda lemon risotto with trout roe, black lemon and alpine herbs.

Salvatore and his creation were the protagonists of a cooking show within the festival where the dish was presented, narrated, and whose preparation was illustrated. Accompanying the dish was a classic dish from the Neapolitan tradition: cianfotta napoletana, the rich and flavorful vegetable side dish that fully represents our region.

“It was my colleague Chris Oberhammer, whom I met through the group Le Collectionneurs, who suggested I participate in this event.

The Autumnus festival is a really interesting event, impeccably put together by the Trento pro-loco. I was impressed by the passionate work of the staff, who managed to organize as many as 160 events in an intense 4 days including tastings, museum visits, show cooking, dinners and much more. Going on a trip to such evocative places is always an intense experience for me, meeting among colleagues, exchanging ideas, comparing different ways of working… In addition, for me it is always exciting to have the opportunity to bring my territory to other places: it gives me the impression that I can somehow shorten the distances, bring a bit of my land outside, creating stimulating synergies that generate new, positive contaminations.”