The taste of the sea on your table.

Mediterranean cuisine is famous for its variety: from vegetables to legumes, up to cereals and fruits, there are many products in the “food pyramid” and this reminds us of how important an healty and balanced diet is. 

Maybe, the food that better represents the tradition and history of the mediterranean islands is fish. The bond between man and fish is very strong has very ancient roots. 

Because fishing requires a deep knowledge of sea currents, winds and seabeds, we can say that this  practise has evolved in parallel to human intellect. Today’s fishermen contribute to protect and carry on this millenary tradition.

These cultural aspects have to be preserved also when we talk about cooking and in chef Salvatore Aprea’s recipes, the genuine products of our sea are reinvented and mixed with new flavours.

And, thanks to these innovations, the taste of the sea lives again, everyday, in the menù of the restaurant Da Tonino.

Ingredients for four people:

800 g of swordfish

400 g of pine nuts

200 g of smoked paprika

100 g of bread crumbs

Pepper to taste

5 g of soy sauce

Ingredients for scapece eggplants:

2 eggplants

20 g of raspberry vinegar

20 g of extra virgin olive oil

1 clove of garlic

Salt to taste

Ingredients for rocket sauce:

400 g of fresh rocket

2 l of water

0,4 g of xanthan

Salt to taste


Cut the swordfish in 4 equal pieces (about 200g each) and engrave both sides with a sharp blade, before laying them down on the soy and pepper.

Blend the pine nuts with the paprika and the bread crumbs. Then, use this panure to bread the fish and then put it in a frying pan, with just a little oil. After a few minutes, put everything in the oven for four minutes at 180º.

Procedure for scapece eggplants:

Cut the eggplants in rectangles of about 5cm for 2. Then, take a non sticking pan and put in oil and garlic. When the oil is hot enough, add the eggplants and let them brown on both sides. Then, add the salt and simmer with vinegar until reduced.

Procedure for rocket sauce:

Put the water in a pot and bring it to a boiling point, add salt and rocket. Cook until the leaves break as you touch them. Take out the rocket and blend it with just a little water and the xanthan, then filter with a chinese colander.