Pleasant contrasts of flavors in the kitchen: the Orange Passion dessert from Da Tonino restaurant

Seemingly distant flavors can be brought together in the kitchen to give life to new, explosive experiences for the palate. This is what happens in the recipe for da Tonino restaurant’s Orange Passion dessert: oranges, with their floral aroma and sweet taste, meet passion fruit, a tropical fruit with fragrant flesh and marked acidity, creating a very pleasant contrast. Let’s see together all the secrets of its preparation!

Orange Passion
Recipe for 4 people

Orange mousse
120 g orange juice
75 g yolk
100 g sugar
1 sheet of gelatin
250 g fresh whipped cream

Creamy passion fruit and orange
100 g fresh cream
25 g orange juice
20 g yolk
20 g sugar
1 g gelatin
20 g passion fruit

Mousse procedure
Make a pâ bombe with the egg yolks and sugar. Add the hydrated gelatin and orange juice a little at a time. Let cool and add the whipped cream.

Passion fruit heart procedure
In a small saucepan, combine all ingredients except gelatin and bring to 70°. Finally, combine the gelatin. Pour into small hemispherical molds and freeze.

Cake assembly
In a spherical mold, put the mousse up to its half, add the passion fruit heart and cover with additional mousse. Freeze the whole and then unmold. Glaze with white chocolate, cocoa butter and orange food coloring.

In a glass prepare a Campari Orange and bind with the help of xanthan: we will use this mixture as the base of the dish, on which the sphere will be placed.